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The voluntary fire department of Küb (german: Freiwillige Feuerwehr Küb) was established in 1894. First, as a branch of the voluntary fire department of Payerbach, it has established as an independent fire department one year later in 1895.

Küb is a village with a population around 300 and part of the municipality Payerbach in south of Lower Austria. Its fire department serves the villages Mühlhof, Schmidsdorf and Pettenbach as well. There are a number of around 30-40 incidents per year - mostly within our protected area but also supporting other fire departments in the Schwarza valley and also whole Lower Austria as part of a country-wide disaster relief unit.

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The fire station at Küber Straße 37 was erected from 1986 to 1988. It has a vehicle hall for four fire engines and provides facilities for administration, training, storage, duty and leisure.

Our adress:
Freiwillige Feuerwehr Küb
Küber Straße 37
2671 Küb
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To be well prepared for a variety of different incidents, our fire department uses four fire vehicles and two trailers.

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A versatile vehicle with a wide range of possible applications. It carries a pump, 2400 litres water, fittings for firefighting as well as equipment for rescue operations like a hydraulic rescue tool and a winch.

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Basic vehicle with equipment for firefighting and a portable fire pump and 500 litres water.

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Mainly used as command vehicle and crew transport.

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Van with nine seats for crew transport.

Additional equipment, which should be mentioned:

  • 1 portable fire pump (1200l/min)
  • 6 breathing apparatuses
  • 3 submersible pumps (1200l/min and 400l/min)
  • 2 power generators (14 kVA and 4 kVA)
  • 1 set hydraulic rescue tools
  • 10 two-way radios (TETRA, digital)
  • a personal protective equipment for every firefighter
  • a pager for almost ever firefighter
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To become a voluntary firefighter, new members have to attend a basic course. This course usually takes 90 hours of training and ends with a final exam. After the basic course, there are several possibilities for further education. Moreover, most firefighters attend trainings for handling breathing apparatus and radio, which is part of the extended basic course or specialty trainings for technical rescue, hazardous materials response, vehicle extrication and leadership.

Each year there are at least ten internal trainings and several collaboration trainings with other fire departments and rescue organizations, like Red Cross or mountain rescue service.

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Junior firefighter

Nowadays, junior firefighter are the most important kind of recruitment of new members. Founded in 1987, our Junior Firefighters have become an important part of our fire brigade. Almost every fire fighter has started his career at junior firefighters, even the commander.

Children between 10 and 15 years can join the junior firefighters, where they get prepared for active duty. Therefore, main task are trainings and preparation for firefighting and rescue operations. Fun and hang outs with friends are also an important part, corresponding to their motto "all for one and one for all".

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